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Legends Account

Online gaming experience could be very involving and exciting. However, many people see gaming as a waste of time that leads nowhere. We at Gamestore believe that the only pointless thing about this whole process is trying to achieve a specific level. When you start chasing different upgrades and bonuses, you stop enjoying the game.

Did you know that you can buy a League of Legends account with the necessary level and bonuses that come with it? At, you can do it in five minutes. The cheapest LoL account is $3, and the most expensive one is $873. But those are discount prices, so you better hurry up before the price goes back up.

Why Would I Buy an Account for Gaming?

Legends Account

Before level 30, the player can’t really do any missions or get anything special. With accounts you get not only a specific level you want, but also different bonuses such as special skins, wins, riot points, etc. The player doesn’t have to risk anything or sacrifice his sleep. When you have the necessary level for an interesting game, the whole gaming experience brings a lot more satisfaction.

Legends Account

Why Gamestore?

Every account is man-made. doesn’t sell any botted accounts. There are plenty of botted onesall over the internet, but values customers’ time. Our service is a safe and credible place. And here are some benefits:

  • you can pay via a secure payment system;
  • you get the account as soon as you’ve paid for it;
  • you get 24/7 support for any questions;
  • you can get back whenever you want and get some more accounts.

We offer many different level options with different bonuses. Not all of them can be won in the game that easily, so it will be a pleasure for you to use them as soon as possible.

No risks, just gaming.