Have knowledge of Fun drinking games

Drinking gamesThese are the most popular drinking games. I took a survey of people, and listed the percentage that added all the games as their favorite. I also asked everyone for their secrets to create these games as enjoyable as possible. That is right, the classic American Game that everyone from college students to older adults in soccer games play rated number one. You cannot be around alcohol without visiting a beer pong table, and sometimes you see people just played with water. They make some pretty sick tables nowadays. Looking around online I found some remarkable custom tables with neon lights which were a few hundred bucks to some amazing football tailgate tables. A couple of people recommended buying a few of these new tables since they fold up easily, clean easily, and also have bottle openers attached – a few real life evidence of human innovation. Another popular beer pong / Beirut rule was enjoying civil war, which has 6 people playing at a time, and 18 cups each side.

It is always confusing to remember all of the cards and rules; it seems everyone knows how to play. It is truly quite impressive because you are usually forgetful following long games. From our survey, we discovered that many more women preferred this game, though maybe guys were ashamed to admit they enjoyed playing kings. Kings uses each card in the deck, except jokers, and you do anything from breaking up a rhyme to racing to touch the ground in the game and visit Fun-drinking-games.com to get more information. A close third, there seem to be a few Die hard flip cup lovers out there. Essentially, you wait for the turn, chug your drink, whether beer, water, or any other mix, and then try to reverse your cup over and have it land as quickly as possible. There do not appear to be many variations to the game, though some people said they enjoy playing with an aggressive form of the game with crying and pushing. I would not condone this however, particularly since the floor can get pretty slippery

A Couple of men loved the sport quarters, which is rather standard, but requires some coordination. If your world is spinning, it is really hard to spin and stop the quarter. I am not a huge fan of quarters, I’m more of a beer pong player myself, and refuse to go anywhere without a beer pong table or Beirut table.  The last 15% was a variety of matches, Many of which I had never heard of, I envision more local games. Hey, making up your own drinking games are most likely the most fun. I will stay a beer pong man, but like to hear of any other ideas to add some variety to a night of partying!