The art of the sparkling window and how to get it

Modern windows and glass doors are far superior to those available in the past. They offer big improvements in home security, thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-glare and reflection qualities, child safety and maintenance-free durability.

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The one remaining thing many householders wish their windows could do is clean themselves. Well, now they can: using a combination of dirt-repellent surfaces and the catalytic action of sunlight, glass is available that is virtually self-cleaning. Read how it works here:

In the meantime, here are a few simple tips that will reward you with sparkling windows with the least effort.

Cleaning Fluids

One of the best fluids for cleaning glass is cheaper than chips – it’s just a few drips of the vinegar you sprinkle on them. A tiny amount in warm water gives excellent smear-free results. It’s considerably more effective than most detergents. Ideally, use clear white rather than brown vinegar, but both will work.

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If you use detergent as well, remember that for windows less is often more. The wrong type of detergent, or too much of it, will simply replace the grime with chemical residues as it dries.


The traditional tool of a window cleaner was a chamois leather cloth. However, newspaper crumpled into a ball is also highly effective at wiping grime and smears from glass. It’s much less likely to shed fibres than most cloths or paper towels, and of course it costs virtually nothing. Often by just wiping with some crumpled newspaper you can do a good job without any water at all.


Actual scratches in window glass, mirrors or glass screens can be treated and reduced using jeweller’s rouge. You make it a little damp, apply it with a soft cloth and follow up with a thorough rub until you get results.

Glazing suppliers are the best source of advice about keeping your windows in top condition. For example, a Cheltenham Double Glazing, windows and doors company can provide advice about about window cleaning and maintaining the windows that you have had newly fitted.

Professional Equipment

Some windows are simply too difficult or too dangerous for their owners to clean, especially from the outside. There are excellent products available today which you can hire or buy for yourself. Professional window cleaners use telescopic mops that can reach windows that are difficult even from ladders and use water-purification devices to guarantee smear-free results.