Handling Your Social Media Profiles As a Singapore Job Seeker

As you continue to work hard to obtain the job of your choice and computer credentials, it is time to start paying attention to how you are perceived by companies. When Facebook recently announced that it had crossed the 500 million membership landmark users and Internet gurus applauded the accomplishment with much fanfare that was online. However, is a side into the employers and recruiters can learn as lovers and your friends not all of which may be flattering? Your reputation is as important. As a individual searching for employment in the work force, this holds even more true for you since firms in many different businesses, but especially the IT and IT-enabled services businesses routinely investigate prospective workers not only through background investigation companies but also directly on Almighty Google by Googling your name within quotation marks for an identical match over the search results. Here are a powerful reasons why you should not consider but implement the strategies upon finishing your certifications, as soon as you are prepared for the job market.

Prioritizing your Commitment to Online Reputation Management

Your reputation that is online is no Longer relevant to mortgage companies, banks and credit card issuers. Your employer is interested in seeing what others are saying about you and checking you out. On any stage in which you would like to participate like blog comments, forum posts and contributions to groups and discussion lists, your two cents worth should truly be worth a quarter. Observations and your comments should be thought-provoking, enlightening and smart. Never defame or fire slams a fellow-poster because data tends to stick out like a sore thumb from the minds of people that are checking you out. If there are a hundred comments by you or around you that have been in nature and only one comment in positive job seeker platform singapore, your employer will remember the latter. Leave it to the psychologists to figure out this one.

Peruse your Facebook Profile with a Critical Eye

Facebook is the social Media forum these days that companies are currently checking out and given the current controversies no information about you is protected on Facebook. It is therefore time. Replace both covertly and personal photos with snapshots that are neutral. Photographs of you hanging around pubs and bars in the organization of like-minded creatures need to go especially if they happen to be action-oriented. Because you will also need to rid your Wall of graffiti, Just a whitewashing Tom Sawyer style might be in the offing.